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Alexandra has wanted to direct since she started working in film. She was a script supervisor for many years and looked for opportunities to make the leap. She started directing in 2005, first making a short called "Wait for Me" which won best short at the Eyelens Festival. In 2007, after 4 seasons as the show's script supervisor, Alexandra was given the chance to direct the network show "The Dead Zone".  She went on to direct two episodes of "Eureka" for Universal/Syfy. Alexandra also directed two documentaries, one French and one English on sustainable agriculture.  In 2016 Alexandra directed The Flash and finally became a director full time. She has directed multiple episodes of The Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, Riverdale, Supergirl, Deception, MacGyver, Magnum PI and Bletchley Circle San Francisco.

Alexandra sits behind a camer talking to the Director of Photography.


Alexandra was born and raised in Toronto and Montreal. She studied acting, music and film at York University and graduated with a BFA specialized honors in theater performance. She also studied acting in Bordeaux, France. Here she became fluent in French and has a love and appreciation for all things French, especially French cinema. She started her career acting and singing in both theater and television, but soon found her true love behind the camera. After working in local television as a producer, and AD, Alexandra moved into film as a script supervisor. She pursued this for over 20 years, moving to Vancouver in 1996 and directing on several of the shows she worked on.  She directs full time, drawing from her invaluable experience working on the front lines of filmmaking.

Alexandra sits behind a camer, watching the action.
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